60-Watt Radio Starter Kit for Jeeps




The ultimate radio package for a Jeep Wrangler JL / JK / TJ / JT. This kit Includes everything needed to communicate with others on the trail, and even includes a radio for your spotter. RM60-V 60 Watt (VHF) Mobile Radio The RM-60 VHF Radio packs 60 watts of power for maximum performance and distance. Simple operation and an uncluttered face makes the RM-60 easy to operate. With 5 front facing buttons, the RM-60 is easy to adjust functions. A loud top speaker provides clear communications and remains on even when connected to an intercom. With distances up to 30 miles and the capability to operate VHF bands, this radio will allow you to keep long distance contact with your entire team! Although not required, for optimal performance a ground plane is recommended. Antenna and Mount for Jeep JL / JK / TJ / JT A dual band 1/2 wave antenna is provided to maximize performance. The coax cable and antenna mount easily mounts your antenna to the driver side of your Jeep JL / JK / TJ / JT with included antenna mount. RH5R 5-Watt Dual Band Handheld Radio This handheld boasts a powerful 5-watts of performance and can also operate on both VHF and UHF bands. Simple to use both in and out of the vehicle. Great for spotters and also lending to friends and family members in vehicles without a radio. This versatility makes it the "go to" radio for everything you need! Kit includes: RM60-V (VHF) Radio Antenna Mount for Jeep JL / JK / TJ / JT Wide Band 1/4 Wave Antenna 13' Coax Cable with NMO Mount RH5R 5-Watt Dual Band Radio

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