External Waterproof Speaker with 10 Watt Amplifier



SPECIAL NOTE WHEN USING EXTERNAL SPEAKER WITH INTERCOM SYSTEM To make sure radio traffic is also heard in your headset or helmet kit, you must use both the CJ-SPK-DC and SPLITTER-MONO-3.5. Together, these will disable the radio speaker while passing the signal to both the external speaker and into your intercom. (click diagram) The MLS-310 high quality waterproof amplified communications speaker designed to operate with Marine VHF’s with maximum of 4 watts output power. The MLS-310 amplifies the audio from the marine VHF to 10W providing loud and clear audio. The volume control on the front of the speaker allows the audio level to be adjusted or to be turned off. Supplied with 6.5 feet of speaker wire for connection of a Marine VHF, 6.5 feet of power cable to connect to 12VDC, bracket and flush mounting hardware. Comes wired with a male 3.5mm connector.

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