RM-25 Sandcar Mounting Plate in Black Anodize Aluminum



Dimensions: W 7 1/4", H 4 1/8" Machined from billet aluminum, the Rugged Sandcar Mount is the easiest way to mount your intercom and mobile radio in the dash of a sandcar, racecar, or prerunner. Hardware Includes: 1 Face Plate 2 Billet radio mounting brackets 2 Billet intercom mounting brackets 8 allen head bracket bolts 14 face plate screws Works with: -RM-25R Mobile Radio -RRP360 Intercom -RRP660 Intercom -RRP660 Plus Intercom -RRP686 Intercom -RRP5050 Intercom -RRP6100 Intercom Radio and Intercom not included!

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Weight 2 lbs


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