Single Seat Kit with Digital 16-Channel Radio




Perfect for helmet applications in a single seat environment such as cars, sand rails, sand cars, Trophy Kart, UTV and offroad racing, etc. The digital radio included in this kit enables ultra-clear communication while also allowing analog mode for compatibility with standard analog radios. As the driver, this kit allows you to transmit via PTT to your crew chief, mechanic, support team or base camp. Easy installation and top components provide the best in communication. Unlike the Moto kit, this single seat system provides more reach with longer cables on the car harness, as well as a coiled PTT for mounting to the steering wheel. This Kit Includes: (1) Digital 16-Channel Handheld Radio (1) CJ-KEN(Radio Jumper) (1) PTT-VM2 (push to talk) (1) CH-O Harness (1) HK-OFSP-3.5 Helmet Kit (1) CS-Music iPod/MP3 cable Easy connectivity combined with a PTT makes communication clear and easy. This communication kit merges the best in audio with powerful and clear performance. With Rugged’s Clear Hear Speakers and full flex mic boom, the quality and clarity surpasses other brands.

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