Wireless Headset to Offroad Intercom




Go wireless! Using wireless technology, simply connect the wireless Intercom Adaptor to your intercom and enjoy the conversation! Simple pairing between the Intercom Adaptor and Headset makes this one of the easiest configurations to set up. Rugged Wireless technology brings clean and powerful communications without the clutter of cables. Simple connectivity merged with Rugged’s Heavy Duty Behind-the-Head Headset brings reliable performance in the harshest conditions. Features: •Push-to-Talk on eardome • Full flex mic boom • Volume control on eardome • Rubber coated eardomes • Dynamic Noise-Cancelling Mic Includes: • Rugged Wireless Intercom Adaptor • Rugged Wireless Headset Push-to-Talk LED Pairing Indicator Charging Port Full Flex Mic Boom Removable Antenna Intercom Adaptor

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Weight 4 lbs


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